Bell Mobility Relevant Advertising Program Class Action

Welcome to the Bell Mobility Relevant Advertising Program Class Action Website!

This class action alleges that Bell Mobility breached some Bell Mobility and Virgin Mobile Canada customers’ privacy rights by using their personal information without consent for a proposed marketing initiative called the Relevant Advertising Program (RAP). There has been no determination by the court regarding the merits of the plaintiffs’ claims.  Bell Mobility maintains that it did not breach any privacy laws and/or obligations, and denies that any customer received a targeted advertisement pursuant to the RAP or that Bell Mobility disclosed any personal information to third parties.

On May 13, 2019, the action was certified as a class action. Please review the Court approved Notice of CertificationThe Certification Order and the reasons for certification are posted at The Certification Order and other documents are also available under the Documents tab on this website.

You are a Class Member if you are a person in Canada who had a Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile Canada consumer (non-corporate) account with data service between November 16, 2013 and April 13, 2015. Employees and directors of Bell Mobility cannot be a Class Member.

If you fall within the class definition as described above, you are automatically included in the class action and need not do anything at this time if you wish to participate. You will be bound by the judgment in this action, whether favourable or not.

If you wish to be excluded from this class action lawsuit and not be bound by any order made in the action, you must complete and mail an Opt Out form in an envelope postmarked by October 30, 2020 to the following address:

Bell RAP Class Action
c/o RicePoint Administration Inc.
P.O. Box 4454, Toronto Station A
25 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON M5W 4B1

Alternatively, you may opt out electronically on this website by clicking the blue Opt Out button. A fillable copy of the Opt Out form is available under the Documents tab. If you choose to opt out electronically, you may complete the fields manually or electronically, but must print and sign the form manually. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. To upload your Opt Out form to the kiosk, please scan or take a legible photo on your phone or other device. 

Please note that you have the option to fax your Opt Out form to 866-761-1374 by October 30, 2020.

To request the Notice and Opt Out forms be mailed to you, please email the Administrator at

This website will be updated as more information becomes available. Please see the current key dates below:

Event Date
Certification May 13, 2019
Opt Out Deadline October 30, 2020